Bunge’s Whole Harvest® oils are 100% pure expeller-pressed and help meet key marketing needs of brands positioned around clean label and clean menu.

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Our USDA certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified Whole Harvest® oils are simply different. The crops used to make the oils are sourced from a family of farms across North America, with our soybeans grown in the U.S. and our canola grown in Canada. The oils are expeller-pressed, a process that draws on the artisan method of delicately extracting the oil through physical pressing. This method is gentler on the earth than conventional extraction methods. Furthermore, our soybean oils are sustainably refined using citric acid from fermented corn sugar, a renewable resource that gently purifies the oil to enhance its culinary performance. This more sustainable method reduces waste versus conventional refining techniques.

Whole Harvest® expeller-pressed oils are available in:

  • Non-GMO canola
  • Non-GMO soy
  • Organic soy
  • Butane-free, non-GMO pan sprays
  • Traditional canola
  • Traditional soy
  • Traditional canola/soy blends
  • Traditional liquid butter alternative
  • Additional organic oils coming soon

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