With extruded snacks, you can have great taste, nutrition and a clean label—and also excite consumers with unique shapes and colors.

Incorporate creativity and flexibility into your product lines, and solidify brand loyalty with consumers, by designing extruded snacks and cereals with Bunge.


Bunge combines grain-based ingredients with water under pressure to make ready-to-eat (RTE) air-puffed foods. We’ve also invested in ways to maintain texture and flavor, while still helping you to deliver a clean label. With novel shapes from custom dies, and the addition of flavorings and color, you can further increase the unique appeal of your snacks, cereals, and chips.

  • Puffed cereals and snacks
  • Co-extruded filled snacks
  • Fried snacks
  • Inclusions
  • Tortilla chips
  • Clean label binding agent (pre-gelatinized starch)


Pellet extrusion allows for even greater product variation, incorporating ingredients like vegetables, legumes, and ancient grain flours. This makes pellets one of the most approachable ways for food makers to bring seasonal flavors or limited time offerings (LTOs) to market. Pellets can be finished by air-popping, expanding, or frying in Bunge oils for a range of flavor profiles and nutrition claims. For foodservice or RTE foods, pellets are appealing for both convenience and taste.

  • Die-cut pellets
  • Long-distance cut pellets
  • Micro-sized pellets
  • Sheeted and laminated pellets

Grow your snack offerings with extruded snacks, ancient grains, non-GMO oils, and more.


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